Mission and Vision

One Aim:
To honour God by making followers of Jesus Christ.

Two Essentials:
The Bible and prayer

The Bible… The Holy Spirit gives us the Bible. The Bible is God’s reliable word for today, the supreme authority for our faith and life as individuals and a church. The Bible says all we need for knowing God through trusting and serving Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

Prayer… The Holy Spirit enables us to pray to God as our Father. Prayer is central to all we do.

Three Tasks:
To reach out, build up, send out

To reach out… we believe the good news of God’s love, shown in the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, is for everyone. So we want those around us to hear and to know God’s love in Jesus. So we are a church for those outside the church not ourselves

To build up… in our meetings we encourage one another to understand and live by the Bible so that we can be ‘built up’ as followers of Jesus Christ. So we commit ourselves to study and teach the Bible so that God’s people are built up for their works of service in the power of the Holy Spirit. So we are a church that wants to grow… not just in numbers but in love and knowledge and likeness of Jesus Christ.

To send out… We aim to send out and support Christians both in Buxton and in the world so that others may hear and know God’s love in Jesus. So we are a church with God’s heart for the nations.